Twitter is a powerful tool for networking and business marketing. 

This guide will walk you through the essential basics to making it work for you!

I've built my business with Twitter - Now you can too!

Years ago I drove a van. I was tired, stressed, broke and missing the weekends.  

Now I run a six figure business with more time and less stress. Twitter was (and still is) the building blocks to my success.

What You Get

  • Step-by-step guide to creating the best Twitter account

  • Valuable guides on Twitter list, hashtags, networking, tweeting, building your audience, and making valuable connections online

  • A guide to Twitter hours, tools and platforms that revolutionise Twitter and make it so simple to use

  • A simple measuring trick to keep you on track and all explained in plain English.

    No jargon. No Bullshit. Just the best content in an easy to read style.

We Manage and Train Businesses to Use Social Media and we built our business on with Twitter...

About the Author

Graham Todd (Todd)

Director - Spaghetti Agency


I'm Todd and I tweet, blog and update social media at events for mine and other companies. 

From live award shows (with live tweeting and announcements) to attending and exhibiting at shows, I've tried all the options. 

Twitter is my weapon of choice for all events and I'm usually found on the Twitter wall of an event near you. 

I tweet as @SocialMedia Todd - come and say "Howdy!"

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What People I Work With Say...

  • Todd's expertise has been invaluable in helping us understand social media in the context of our business and form a social media strategy. 

    He's also helped with directly coaching on-air talent in getting the best engagement from a social media audience.

    In addition, we entrust our social media accounts to Todd for our award winning 'Pride of...' events where he's helped us to deliver our Twitter hashtag to over 600,000 user timeline's during a single event. 

    Ben Day, Quidem

  • Todd has been working with us at our events (Pride of Stratford Awards, Pride of Rugby Awards etc.) and covers social media at these events for us. He is extremely professional and a pleasure to work alongside. 

    Todd has a real falir in this area of work and certainly engages well with our clients; interacting with them on socical media on our behalf. 

    We all love working with Todd and have him booked  to cover all future events. If your company has any social media requests then Todd is the man to speak to!

    Jo Billings, Touch FM Radio

  • Todd is an energetic and passionate digital marketer, this energy and passion are contagious. 

    Todd does not just talk the talk, he walks the walk and through his actions and examples demonstrates the power of using social media platforms and blogging to engage, educate and entertain. 

    Rob Cameron, Ignition Coaching